The Legend of Thyme

by Kiersten Berton


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Well, i hate to say it but, The Legend of Thyme is going on indefinite hiatus. i dont have any idea how long it will be so dont ask. i just re-wrote the beginning in the last 2 hours. i like it a lot better, but i dont have the art talent to create it at the moment. or at least i dont think i have the talent. and thats what matters to me at the moment. so, yea, it may be years, it may be days. i might post little bits of sketches and stuff, but no pages. we'll be starting from scratch when we start up again. in the rewrite, we've got some better character developement so, the story should make more sense. again im sorry i have to do this, but i need to figure out how to do this the way i want to. which is not like this. to keep track of what im doing though, you can email me (cat.at.midnight@gmail.com) or you can check me out on deviantart (blu0.deviantart.com). I'll be posting plenty of stuff on there, including updates on my progress with this. so yea, thats the deal .......
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um....im lazy? im busy and overfilling my schedule because i suddenly have time? lo siento v_v.... its jenni's seventeenth on sunday!!! happy bday jenni!!!!
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conserning updates and my recent disappearance
well hello dearies. i have returned to the free and living world, as school has finally ended and i have the summer to myself. except my job. which i havent really learned everything about yet. i'll hopefully be working during the week and not on the weekends because that is when i hope to update. most updates will probably be on saturday or sunday. they might be bad quality because for some reason the computer i am working on doesnt like to keep the quality of the image when the size is changed. but yes, the comic will once again be updating. i shall do my best not to be skittish and skip out on updates, i'll have the time. when school starts up again in the fall though, my schedule may be thrown to the wind. i'll be a senior. wow. so i'll let you know after next sunday exactly what will go on with my job and things. email me if you're interested in the story!i could use some help around here. like a web-savvy person...or just someone who could help me get this thing working right! anyway email me. you know hit the "email" link. or just send an email to cat.at.midnight@gmail.com .
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comic will be up sometime this weekend
...i hope, ive made the roughs, ijust have to actually draw it, which depends on a few things including homework and sleep. hopefully the new comic should be up by monday morning if its not i give you all permission to burn....something... preferably not my house.
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